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It was actually snowing this morning, thick white flakes and even covering the ground for about an hour or so. That was long enough for our neighbours to actually build a snowman. By the afternoon all the snow turned to slush and water, so now nothing is left but a sorry remnant of this statue. That’s a typical Northern German winter for you. I haven’t even cut up my Christmas tree yet, the branches of which I usually use as a protection for roses, rosemary and othern delicate plants. With temperatures well above freezing point it’s not worth the bother.

Nevertheless I managed some work in the garden. My husband being unnerved by the heap of flat stones lining our driveway, I picked up work on the paths in the front. In fact I had finished the first bit last spring, but afterwards it became much too dry — and the ground too hard — to continue. On top of that I ran out of stones, so I kept collecting them all summer at the beach without continuing work on the paths as there was so much more rewarding work to do in the garden.

So this afternoon I was back again scratching away the bark that has been covering the path so far and fitting in one stone after another. When everything is finished it will be a colourful circular path made up of granite, porphyrite, sandstone and others that I don’t know the English names of. In between I’ll plant ivy, thyme, bellflowers or some other creepers that don’t mind being tread upon every once in a while.

Doing this rather monotonous work other ideas come up. Plans of what to change, where to start or enlargen another flowerbed in the back garden pop up like bubbles in my head. For example, first thing in the spring I’ll have to dig out the rhubarb in the front and find a place for it in the back garden because it has grown so big that there is no way around it in the summer. Of course the ensuing gap will have to be filled — maybe with a new dahlia? Some of the grasses have to be split or replanted because they are now overshadowed by shrubs. I’ll have to find a place for two buddleia seedlings that are growing right in between the strawberries … and so on.

Right now it seems as if my garden is entering another stage. The past years I always had the feeling that there weren’t enough plants to fill the gaps. Presently I cherish every empty space because it leaves room for new ideas, and I find myself with too many plants on my hands. Well, there are always friends and neighbours who still have room for some exiles.