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In German we have a saying “Der dümmste Bauer erntet die dicksten Kartoffeln” (The thickest farmer gets the biggest potatoes — meaning that intelligence isn’t necessarily needed to be lucky or successful). As can be seen from the picture, I don’t qualify, which is not much of a consolation. I had really been looking forward to a neat crop of these beautiful rose-coloured potatoes, however, spring was too dry and both June and July too wet, so that only this sorry little heap could be dug out.


At least there is enough of them for a few meals. My favourite is roasting them in the oven with sesame seeds. For this I grease a baking tray, then spread it with sesame seeds, salt and pepper. The scrubbed and halved potatoes are then stuck upside down on the seeds and then baked for about half an hour at 200°C. Served with sour cream — delicious.