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January blues continued

Though it has got a little colder, the weather is just as undecided as last week. There were some glimpses of the sun on Saturday, mind you. But it soon gave up, leaving everything to the clouds with the only difference, that the drizzle has been replaced by an icy easterly wind. So I still have to take out pictures of past years to remind myself, what a light, tranquil season winter can be.

Seeblick (2)

This is a view of the lake of Selent, just before freezing over. The part of it that is closest to our village is rather shallow, so it’s the first part of the lake to freeze over and thus a safe place for the kids to go ice skating. Sometimes the ice is so clear that you can see the fish swim below.

Wintermorgen Dez2010 (6)

This is the view from our back garden. On that morning the bright light combined with a little fog created a dreamlike, romantic atmosphere. You couldn’t really tell where exactly the earth ended and the sky started.


No winter yet

While the past two winters were very severe — huge amounts of snow, and frost until Easter — nothing of the kind has happened yet. Even though it is rather mild, the endlessly drizzling rain is getting on my nerves. There is no fun at all in going outside. As soon as you leave the paths, the ground under your shoes seems to suck you in making you afraid of getting stuck.

So just for cheering up, here are some impressions from the last winter (although to be honest, I don’t remember being happier then — hibernation would be the perfect activity for me in these months).

SchneemannDill (2)