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Signs of Spring

Unlike last year we had a bit of real winter in the past weeks: some heavy frosts and even enough snow for the children to build snowmen and take their sleighs out.
When I look into the garden I find everything about four weeks backward compared to last year. The snowdrops have just started, some crocusses are showing a little colour, but that’s it so far. — Oh I’ve forgotten about the witch hazel and the cyclamen, but the’ve been blooming since January, and the cyclamen actually since Christmas.
Even if there is not much colour in my garden yet, I’m strongly convinced that spring is coming. First of all the fieldfares, which only show up in winter, seem to have left for their nesting places further north or east. Only after devouring every single berry and rosehip that still remained in the garden. And yesterday I heard the first cranes, which have come back from the south. Most of them only rest here until they travel further up north, but until they do so they make a lot of noise.