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Front Yard Impressions

Lush, luxuriant, brilliant — words like these popped up in my head when I walked through my front garden last week. The irisses and lupines in full bloom, the whole area seemed to be overflowing with colour, which was enhanced by those bright pink sweet williams.

That old tree trunk comes from my parents’ garden and used to be part of a huge cedar tree. The ivy came with it, two, and it will probably have overgrown everything within the next two years. I often use this tree trunk as a bench — lying on the east side of the house it’s a great spot for an early cup of tea on a mild sunny morning.

Helianthemum and salvia grow in abundant bushels directly at the curb. Being so close to the tarmac this is one of the hottest and driest areas in the garden which only heat and drought resistant plants survive. This is particularly true for this year, as spring has been unusually dry with less than two inches of rain since mid-April. Ironically the rest of the republic has almost been drowned in the past weeks, heavy thunderstorms and rains causing flooding in the south and west of Germany. Only the areas close to the Baltic Sea didn’t get any rain. Often we could see the clouds building up but drifting away again before any water came out.

The white string you can see at the top of this picture is part of an electric fence that we use to keep the deer out. For some reason they don’t come in through the back garden but simply walk down the road and cause havoc among the flowers. So while the fence doesn’t look too decorative, this is much better than having a herd of deer trampling on everything, munching away the roses.

Since I had a rather stupid accident in the kitchen last Tuesday, cutting my leg severely on a broken glass lid, I forgot to water the garden. As a result, all the plants suffered severely. The lilies and lupines haven’t wilted, they have simply dried up. So what you see on those pictures above is already a thing of the past. Now I’m waiting for the hemerocallis, the roses and the peonies to do their bit, hopefully supported by some rain within the next week.