Surprise Pods

Admittedly, I’m not a very organised person. In my job I’m doing alright. So far all my students have got their essays back they handed in to me; the registers are diligently kept, my teaching resources are filed intelligently and most of the time even my desk is well-organized.
In private, however, I’m rather lax, particularly when it comes to my gardening stuff. Tools are often left in the places where I used them last (and intend to use them the next day). Usually this is no problem: so far I haven’t lost anything although sometimes I have to search a little longer for a hoe or my trowels. Even if they get rusty because of being left in the rain, there is still my husband who patiently does them up again so that they look even better than before.
Yet when it comes to seeds, I wish I was more diligent. The satchets of bought seeds I stuff into a box, so there is no problem finding them when I need them. But the self-collected ones tend to float around. I do manage to fill some into little boxes or glasses and even write their names on them (old vitamin or pill glasses are quite good for that), but there always remain some that I left out to dry — and then forgot. Sometimes I do remember what they were, but more often than not I don’t. Or I’m quite certain that I took seeds off the spider flowers last year — but can’t find them, possibly because I left the pods lying around until someone thought they were rubbish and put them on the compost. Also, there may be some neat surprises when you do find some forgotten seeds.
Having found those sweet pea pods the other day, I asked our little one to peel out the seeds — only to be alarmed by a shrill yell a moment later: “Mummi, there is something in them!” And so there was: almost every seed had become home to a little bug who was sticking out its feelers, giving the seeds some sort of alien touch.
So what do we learn from this? — Check your seeds regularly to find infestations in time. (This is something I tell myself every season.)

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