Ice Blooms

After an extremely dull December (I cannot remember seeing the sun even once), today was the first bright day of the month, if not for the sky, then at least for the frost: after a cold and foggy night everything was coated in delicate ice crystals. You could watch them grow during the day until they turned into long pointed needles. Of course everything will be gone as soon as there is a little wind, so here are my pictures in which this rare phenomenon is “frozen”.

First of all an overall view that gives you an impression of this strange foggy weather that is starting to cause a feeling of being locked in.


At the same time all the cobwebs around the house are highlighted.


This is the same rose (a rambler) first in the morning and then in the afternoon.


And finally some frosted blooms — this frost will mean the end of them, but is there anything more beautiful? Both life and death in one image.




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