Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day December

Happily joining in the traditon Carol at May Dreams Garden started, here come my flowers — or what’s left of them. It’s been a strange December; so far we’ve had hardly any frost. The chrysanthemums and the calendula that I presented here last month still look pretty much the same. Well, not quite. There is a certain shabbyness around the leaves, so as soon as I find the time, I will cut them off. Still, even though it has been dark and dreary outside, the garden doesn’t look it. If you see this lavender, you wouldn’t volunteer that the picture was taken only yesterday.


Because of these warmish conditions some spring flowers have already started blooming, such as these primroses and also a few violets. But they don’t look too fresh because of the damp weather and the slugs who seem to be quite happy about these unusual delicacies at this time of the year.


This winter jasmin, however, has found the right time to open its bright yellow flowers. Four years ago I was given two kindles by a friend, and this is the first year that they really play their part. If they go on like this, much of this wall will be covered with little yellow dots within a few years from December to February.


What I’m really looking forward to are the blossoms of helleborus niger. Their name being “Christrose” in German, they might just make it for Christmas this year. Along with their cousin helleborus orientalis, which flowers in spring but is much more colourful, they are one of my favourites. They keep long in vases and make pretty little boucqets (together with ivy) at a time in which the garden is virtually empty. However, helleborus is one of those plants that don’t transplant well. It’s not that they don’t survive moving, but they’ll snub you for one or more seasons. So it’s best to make a careful choice in the first place — so as not to have to wait too long for the blooms.




1 Response to “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day December”

  1. December 15, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    Thanks for posting your blooms again! It is nice to see that there are gardens in the world still with flowers outside. Here we are getting snow and ice. It is Christmas-y weather, for sure.

    I also love the Hellebores, but in my garden, only the H. orientalis (Lenten Rose) is hardy, and it is one of the first plants to flower in the spring.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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