Water World

The rain has finally stopped. We even got some glimpses of blue sky and sun today. In the news it said that we’ve had as much rain within two days as we usually would have had in the whole month of December. As a result everything is soaked. If you dare walk accross the lawn, for example to bring out the compost, you had better wear Wellingtons if you don’t want to ruin your shoes. Even so, the ground makes fairly strange noises when you walk on it, as if someone was trying to make contact from underground. Really creepy.
I don’t know what this soaking does to all those little creatures who live in the soil. They are probably used to it and will survive. Of what I’m certain is that all those baby slugs are still nasses-feld.jpgalive that have been nibbling away happily at my winter peas. (Unfortunately I brought them out a week too late, so when spring comes there will be hardly anything left.)

Although it looked quite spectacular yesterday, one day without rain helps the soil quite a bit to recover: the big pool on the neighbouring field has diminished by half during the day, so if the same happens in my garden there is some hope that my compost heap will be more easily accessible in the next days.


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