The Early Bird

… catches the worm. While this is fun in summer, the darkness of a November morning usually makes it a gloomy experience. This morning was an exception, the full moon hiding behind the clouds shedding beams of light across the sky. If I had had a better camera the impression would have been even more vivid.vollmond.jpgWhile I was at it, I took a few fotos of my climbing rose New Dawn. (Waiting for the sun to rise, I thought it was a fitting motif.) Like many others this has grown from a cutling and is now about five years old. The ugly brown stuff in the back is a clematis alpina which I planted two years ago. Only this summer both flowers have met in the middle of the rosebow so I’m looking forward to next spring when latter will be covered with blue flowers in April and May — and with pink ones from June to December. In fact, as the clematis has a second bloom in August the combination of both might just be perfect.



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