As I usually surf around German sites, Blog Action Day on Blogger passed by me completely unnoticed. So it took a while and a hint by Black Swamp Girl to find Mr Brown Thumb’s Blog in which he put up a list of participating gardening blogs  — complaining that gardeners were snubbed by Blogger although environmental issues are at the heart of their writing. Thank you very much for this effort!

I also find his article on imported plants very thought-provoking even though as a European with a long history of immigrating plants and animals I feel much more relaxed about this. Most immigrants have settled in almost unnoticed, finding their niche in the eco-system some being a plague like giant hogweed or Japanese touch-me-not   others being rather enriching like herbs (salvia, thyme etc.) and wild flowers (bell flowers, tulips etc.) from the Mediterranean and Central Asia. For my part I cannot say whether stinging nettles or mint are the worse weed.

So although this is quite an issue to be very careful about there is something that worries me more: How long will this planet last if we go on like we do now? If you really want to know, stop by www.myfootprint.org. There you’ll find a questionnaire about your consumer habits to calculate how many of the earth’s resources you need. At the end they will tell you how many planets would be necessary if everyone lived on the same scale as you.

In my eyes the questions are a little too general to be scientifically precise, however, in the end you have a pretty good impression of the footprint you leave on this earth. Even though I pride myself on avoiding garbage as much as possible, using the car as little as necessary, having a well-insulated house with solar panels, using only rain water for the garden etc. this one planet wouldn’t suffice if everyone lived like me. — So the results make you think about what great an effort is needed to turn the wheel around and save this wonderful place for our grandchildren and grandgrandchildren ….


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