Rose Impressions

Roses are special so I’m actually trying to remember their names. Some of them play a rather prominent role in my garden, others are hidden, only to be discovered by very interested visitors. In fact, like with most of my plants, they have a history. Either they are presents from well-loved friends or they were acquired by some unusual way or they have moved (or still move) around the garden until they have found their perfect spot.

Here are some late-summer rose impressions:

La Minuet with (bell flowers in the background): My father grew this one from a cutling, and he was surprised himself to find it so well grown and blooming as the mother plant in his garden has been severely troubled by sooty molds.

Westerland: A friend gave two of these rose bushes to me as they had become to big for her garden. Also, she didn’t like the way the blossoms turn from orange to pink as they get older. They are supposed to grow really big, spreading a fresh fruity scent all around them. However the deer, who believe my garden belongs to their territory, simply love them. So they hop over the fence at night for a quick dessert, which means that I have had to take measures to prevent these bushes from becoming bonsais.

Pink rose: Even though this is one of my favourites, I have never found out her name. Would anybody believe me when I say that I discovered this little treasure on a compost heap in the neighbourhood? Who would ever want to throw a flower as precious as this away? It took a few years, but it was worth the trouble, particularly as the flowers last long in vases and have a very delicate flowery scent.


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