This year has been a good one for mice. I can see them running through the flower beds in the middle of the day. My son said he even heard one scratching right under his window sill.
As his room is upstairs, they must have managed to creep up the walls
within the insulation. One family is occupying my compost, which has split at one side, so when we dispose garden waste there, we can see the youngsters buzzing around. And another family has dug their hole in the middle of my green beans. First I thought it was the slugs being responsible for those sad almost leaf- and fruitless plants. But then I saw leaves and beans being dragged down the hole! Even though I don’t mind the odd guest in my garden nibbling away at one or the other plant — this was too much. I’ve taken down the mousetraps from the attic and placed them in between the beans hoping if not to catch, then at least to scare away those grey little monsters.
By the way, the falcons who live in the church tower of our village have managed to raise four chicks this summer — at least it said so in the news. I’d love to invite them into my garden, if I only knew how.


1 Response to “Mice”

  1. 1 cschwartz
    October 6, 2007 at 9:19 am

    My mousetrap action was successful. Two mice were caught, and the rest of the family seemed to have moved out. So we had a few meals from the remaining plants as soon as they recovered.

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